Mosquito Creek Dog Kennels and Boarding

2824 Taets Road
Coal Valley, IL 61240

At Mosquito Creek Kennels we are focused on providing dog boarding services with the highest level of customer satisfaction .We will do everything we can to meet you and your pets expectations. We’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you and your pets very soon!!!

Why us?

Mosquito Creek Kennels is a family owned business located in rural Coal Valley, IL. Owners Cory and Michele Taets live on site. Our kennels are roomy and offer indoor/outdoor areas with comfy beds in a temperature controlled building .Very reasonable rates and large fenced in area for your dog to get their exercise daily. Daily walking also available .Customers able to provide the food for their dog or we will if requested at a $2/day additional fee. Feel free to bring your dogs favorite blanket or any toys they may like to have with them!


1.  Payment is expected at the time of pick up.  No exceptions.

2.  Please understand that we do our best to accommodate appointments but we do have circumstances that do come up where we may need to shift times.

3.  If you are bringing dog food, we would prefer that you bag and label it for the daily amounts that you normally give them.

4.  You are welcome to bring blankets and toys for your pet, but please understand that we are not liable for the dog damaging what you bring.  No toys are shared with other pets at anytime for safety.

5.  Please note that their will be additional charges if your dog chews up the doggie doors.  They are very expensive doors to replace.  

6.  If your dog becomes aggressive during their stay, we may need to contact your emergency contact to pick up your pet for the safety of our staff.

7.  If your dog becomes ill, we will make every attempt to contact you first and if we can't reach you, we will contact your vet and follow the recommendations of the vet and you will be charged for your vets services.

8.  When you drop off your pet, we must have their vaccination records which must include kennel cough vaccine.  The records must be within one year.  We can not by state law accept pets without the correct vaccination records.  

9.  We do live on property and we our currently updating to the required new State of Illinois kennel laws that go into effect Jan 1, 2020.  We will be tied into emergency response systems 24 hours a day.

10.  Please arrive at your scheduled time because we are not staffed 24/7.  If you are not on time, we reserve the right to charge a $10 late fee.

11.  We reserve the right to close early in inclement weather for the safety or you and your pets.